Experiential Learning Programs (ELP)

Experiential Learning Programs(ELP) are unique blend of Curriculum connect, Learning, Fun & Life Skills for Holistic development of students.

A WHO Study says: "Students grab 10% what they read, 30% what they see, and 90% what they experience "

Out of The Classroom Experiential Learning Program(ELP) inculcates learning through SEE DO EXPERIENCE principle, where students are allowed to explore the world through their own lens.

What Makes it Unique?

Our Experiential Learning programs (a.k.a Educational Tours) offers unique learning potential :

  • Curriculum/Theme Based

    Study Treks/Field Trips customized on subjects or theme to achieve learning goal

  • Life Skills Learning

    - Culture and Environment exposure

    - Team Building, Problem Solving Exercises, Fun Activities

    - Group Tasks during the treks to maximizing the learning

  • Learning Assessment

    Post program assessment of learning through Blog Writing, ChartPaper Presentations & Contests

Why Experiential Learning Programs?

Travel connects the classroom with the World

  • - Destinations are chosen based on subject or learning theme
  • - Students connect what they've learned in the classroom with what they're seeing and experiencing firsthand, for a richer and more nuanced understanding

Learning objective remains at the frontg & Connect with Curriculum

we identify three specific Learning Objectives for each tour, which will be highlighted during the trip. Whether it's understanding difference between baroque and neoclassical art, economic development in Dubai, or the challenges of rainforest conversation.

Innovatively Designed taking curriculum inputs from Academicians/Teachers

Continuous feedback is taken from academicians to improve the programs

Delivered by Expert Team

Programs are conducted by Historians, Naturalists, Conservatives, Experienced Guides who ensure smooth transfer of learning

Confucius once said, 'I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand.'

ELP Theme Choices