Why EduXpedition

EduXpedition is India's first Student Development & Global Experiential Learning platform which promotes holistic development of students through workshops , fun based out-of-the classroom educational programs and mentorship

EduXpedition is an organization by group of learning enthusiasts with cumulative experience of more than 100 years in the field of Psychology, Travel, Education, Operations & Marketing. We are aimed at transforming learning and making it more enjoyable. Founders have vast experience of conducting STEM based Classroom programs for school students.

We are Not a

  • a Travel Agency
  • an Adventure Company
  • a Camping Company

We are Professionally run company backed by Academicians, Historians, Conservationists

Why choose EduXpedition?

  • Innovative & Unique Programs

    Unique combination of modules in each program for holistic development of students.

  • Designed & Delivered by Experts

    Over 100 years of cumulative experience of team in the field of Education, Travel, Psychology, Operations & Marketing. We are backed renowned Historians, Guides, Conservatists, Naturalists who ensure smooth transfer of learning.

  • Learning & Connect with Curriculum

    Programs are developed with Learning & education as the key. Learning is theme & curriculum based. Programs are designed in collaboration with teachers/academicians/industry professionals which ensure that programs have connect with curriculum.

  • Affiliations by International Bodies

    We are an active member of SYTA & AEE.

  • Exceptional Service Experience

    EduXpedition provide endtoend services from program development, safe execution to learning assessment.

  • Care & Safety

    We understand child psychology and ensure that students are taken care off while they are undergoing our programs. Be it Educational tours or Classroom sessions. We ensure highest standard of safety while they are with us.