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Experiential Learning Program (ELP)

(a.k.a. Field Trip/Study treks)

A WHO Study says: "Students grab 10% what they read, 30% what they see, and 90% what they experience"

Out-Of-The-Classroom Experiential Learning Program(ELP) inculcates learning through SEE DO EXPERIENCE principle. Students are allowed to explore the world through their own lens.

Program has 3 elements to solidify learning:

Curriculum/Theme Based

  • Study Treks/Field Trips customized on subjects or theme to achieve learning goal

Life Skills Learning

  • Culture and Environment exposure
  • Team Building, Problem Solving Exercises, Fun Activities
  • Group Tasks during the treks to maximizing the learning

Learning Assessment

  • Post program assessment of learning through Blog Writing, Chart-Paper Presentations & Contests

Student Development Program (SDP)

(a.k.a. Behavioural Development)

Year Long Program which focuses on Holistic Development of Students. It focuses on Social, Emotional & Moral development, as well as Skills & Creativity Enhancement of students. This program takes students through the one year of transformational journey. All the modules of this program are designed based on development need of students.

Program has 3 main components:

  • Self Enhancement Workshops Classroom modules with: interactive activities, Skills enhancement & creativity workshops, Emotional& Social Development sessions
  • Outbound Learning Programs Focuses on Leadership, Team Building, Interpersonal Skills, Problem Solving
  • Expert Counselling session/ Industry interactions

Excursion Program (EP)

Excursion programs are arranged with the sole motive of fun, relaxation, and self-exploration. These programs are stress-busters which rejuvenate the students to take up next challenge. We organize such programs at some offbeat destination in India away from hustle & bustle of city, where students can spend some time in the lap of nature.